Tuesday, September 16, 2008

news update

so that everyone knows, i shaved yesterday and now im trying to get used to my fat looking face without hair on it again. crazy!!! everyone says i look years younger but i dont quite know if thats a good thing or not..??

Monday, September 15, 2008

The goat is flying solo

So i decided after much contemplation yesterday what to do... and i ended up shaving off the chin strap/abraham lincoln beard.. so now i want to know everyones oppinion.... the question is... Which style does Ramsey look best in...

Clean Shaven

Solo Goat

or The abraham Lincoln

You be the judge of that... I WANT TO HEAR FROM EVERYONE!!!!!!

Ramsey and Justins photo shoot-take 1

So after justins homecoming on sunday we decided to get out and take a few pictures together... not to mention how freakin good we look!!! hope you enjoy, we tried to work the camera as much as possible!~!!!

Thank you Mark Wills.... :)

So i had a great saturday night!!! Justin and i took our dates, Tanya and Kelsey to the Mark Wills concert and we had a very good time.. well at least i did!! I loved my date!!! Its funny because i have wanted to ask her out for a long time.. but didnt and well i finally did obviously and we had alot of fun. I guess we will see where this takes us.... Im in aww of the whole situation... crazy... anyways here is one picture i had from that night, when i get more ill put them on!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well i only have 5 days to get me an elk and so its time to spend all my time up on kolob and get me one!!! here are some pictures of the bull we got beau last wednesday... its a dandy!!!!!